Dogs Helped Her Fight Cancer. Now Watch What She’s Doing To Help Save THEM…

Dogs don’t care how you look like. They don’t care about the material things you own. They don’t care if you’re rich or poor. That’s what makes them man’s best friend. They love us for who we are.

That is exactly why this lady named Angela Padilla founded Family Dog Rescue. Angela battled cancer, and during that time, she was at her lowest. She pitied herself and she felt like an outcast. Then she started volunteering to help dogs. And in that difficult time of her life, the dogs made her smile. They didn’t care how she looked like. They just love her, and they comforted her when she felt really down.

So when she recovered, Angela decided to give back to the dogs who have helped her cope with cancer. She started the Family Dog Rescue, an organization that helps dogs in need. Watch the touching video below for the full story.

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