Dogs Itchy Paws – Treat Them with CBD Oil

The use of the tongue in animals has a significant role in maintaining hygiene. Licking also brings relief and represents comfort for the dog. This habit is a kind of pleasure for your pet when they feel lonely or sad. But if your pet has most of the symptoms listed here, they might have some skin disease.

By licking the paw, the dog irritates the skin and hair follicles. For this reason, hair loss and epidermis irritation occur. These changes cause pain, but dogs don’t feel it that intensively. Pheromones ease the sense of discomfort.

Still, the fact is that excessive licking the paws hurts the animals. In addition to pain, the condition of the skin can be further complicated by bacterial infections. The irritated epidermis is an ideal habitat for pathogenic organisms.

In order to avoid more health complications, it is necessary to soothe the irritations. CBD oil emerged as one of the solutions to these problems, besides many other beneficial effects on your pet’s health.

How Cannabis-Based Oil Can Help

Although many people still have doubts about the use of pet CBD oils, this product has won the market. It became a must since it proved to be very effective in treating various diseases in animals. Even when your pet is perfectly healthy, CBD oil can be used as a supplement.

Known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and soothing properties, cannabidiol oil can be a natural remedy for this skin issue. You have to keep in mind that this product cannot cure the cause of this disease. It brings significant relief and improvement of the skin condition.

Cannabidiol Oil Soothes the Inflammation

Constant licking creates skin irritation on the dog’s feet. The soreness makes your pup lick the itchy spot even more. Thus, the poor animal falls into a vicious circle and only worsens the condition. If you ignore this behavior and don’t treat your pet, that can have severe consequences for their mental and physical health.

Pet care brands came up with a variety of CBD topical products designed for such problems. Besides cannabidiol, these preparations contain ingredients such as aloe, coconut oil, or beeswax. These ingredients make topicals easier to administer. While treating your dog’s paws with this product, be very gentle.

CBD topicals have almost no side effects. You can use them frequently until your pet’s skin recovers. Although it seems to you that pure CBD oil might be more effective if applied directly to a pet’s skin, don’t try it. These products contain higher concentrations of cannabidiol than topicals.

You can try to help your pup with homemade CBD topical described here:

Oral Administration Relieves Pain

The mechanism of action of CBD oil is not very clear to ‘ordinary’ people. That is why they are dubious about this product. It has been proven that cannabidiol has no psychoactive effect on your pet’s nervous system. CBD is not an opiate and won’t make your pup high.

Cannabidiol activates specific chemicals in the dog’s brain. It sends signals to the animal’s body to relax, without negatively affecting the mood and behavior. This effect is significant when relieving the pain caused by itchy paws.

Oral administration of CBD oil has the fastest effect. In just a few minutes, cannabidiol from this product reaches the bloodstream and triggers its mechanism of action. Your pet will soon feel relieved and will not need to lick their feet.

CBD Calms the Dog

When your dog suffers from pododermatitis (the expert name for itchy paws condition), they cannot tell you if something is hurting them. But you’re sure to notice that they’re upset, nervous, and quite unfriendly.

The reason for such behavior is the constant irritation of the skin. Dogs are trying to soothe it with licking. It gives the dog short-term relief, but moistening the irritated area makes things worse. If you think of natural remedies to make your pup feel better, click to investigate how CBD can help in this condition.

Dogs licking their tiny feet are an adorable sight. But what looks nice to you is not always pleasant for your pet. Although your pup shows no signs of discomfort, pay attention to changes in behavior and licking their paws too often.

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