Dogs Meeting Cats For The First Time Ever

They say cats and dogs are mortal enemies. Well we know that some of them do get along. In fact some of them are the best of friends. The first meeting can be tricky though; it may be love at first sight, but it can be a little rocky too! And later on, when they both live in the same house, they become like siblings, and with that comes a little sibling rivalry.

What we have here for you is a compilation of videos where dogs and cats meeting for the first time! You may find that some of these dogs are actually a little scared of the cat! The poor babies..but hey, who can blame them. Some cats have a little attitude and they can be a little “catty” sometimes. So you can expect that some of them may not have a very smooth first meeting! But I’m sure it all turned out well. Check it out!

Awwww…they’re all so cute!! I’m sure they all ended up as friends!

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