Dogs The Moment They First Met Their Humans

There’s nothing better than adoption day! A sweet pup getting its forever home is the moment everything changes for a dog. And judging by the 17 pictures below, they know exactly what’s going on. 😉

1) “Love at first sight… I think she has my genes! (Same head!)”

2) “Meet Luna, our shelter rescue”

3) I think he’s excited. 🙂

4) “Bringing my new girl home. I think we will be alright.”

5) “First day home with new Great Dane puppy”

6) Going home!

7) ‘Are you my new dad?’

8) Look at that hug <3

9) Smiling with her new mom. 🙂

10) “Adopted this girl from the pound. She rode like this the whole way home”

11) “I had my new daddy hold me close on my first car ride home – it wasn’t too bad!”

12) The start of a new life.

13) “Adopted this little guy today”

14) This pup’s loving his new dad!

15) Already feeling at home. <3

16) First car ride!

17) New mama kisses!

All dogs deserve this happiness. 🙂

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