Dog’s Owners Didn’t Want Her Anymore So They Left Her To Roam The Streets

Roxy was found in a dangerous settlement in De Doorns, South Africa by a young girl who was worried for the pup’s safety.

The girl contacted Sidewalk Specials for help, who later found out that Roxy’s owners didn’t want her anymore, so they had given her away to a group of local youths.

Unfortunately, the group of kids were not taking care of Roxy and she ended up neglected and ignored. She was without a home and became very emaciated with mange.

Luckily, Sidewalk Specials intervened and rushed her to Vet Point where she was examined. Vets diagnosed Roxy with malnutrition and tick bite fever, and thanks to donations from kind strangers, she was able to be treated and nursed back to health.

Today, Roxy is happy and healthy and looks like a brand new dog. The best part is that she found a loving forever home!

Now she has a wonderful mom and a new little doggy brother who she loves to play with. She finally has a place to call home, where she plays with toys, naps on the couch, and plays with new doggy friends.

Roxy is now living the life she has always deserved, thanks to the young girl who found her, as well as Sidewalk Specials for rescuing her.

If you’re unable to care for a pet, it’s important to surrender them to a reputable no-kill shelter, or to make sure they go to a responsible person, rather than someone who is unable to care for them.

Watch Roxy’s rescue and transformation in the video below:

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