These Dogs Say Their Prayers Before Eating And Clean Up After Themselves! Wow.

Every once in a while, a pet video comes along that really leaves you speechless, and this video is one of them. If you have ever encountered a dog who did not have manners while eating, you will definitely be amazed by just how obedient these adorable dogs are.

Check out this video, which is a mere 2 minutes in length, to meet four beautiful and extremely well behaved and well trained dogs with the best tableside manners you will ever encounter. The video starts off with all of them sitting next to each other, calmly and patiently looking up at their owner.

Next, the owner is seen gathering up all of their food, which she then places in individual bowls for each dog. The bowls are placed on the long, thin table in front of the dogs. But before they can get their food, they must put their paws on the table, bow their heads, and say prayers of thanks. And when they’re done eating, they each bring their bowls over to the owner and receive a treat.
[youtube id=”sNWaWU5_tzo”]

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