Dogs Who Surprised Their Humans With Funny Gifts

Every dog has perfected the art of gift giving – you just never know what they might show up with in their mouths. That’s because bringing us gifts is their way of thanking us for being their best friend.

Have you ever had your dog bring you their favorite toy when you get home from work? Or perhaps they’ve dragged home some “treasure” they found while out on an adventure? It’s incredibly endearing how much time and effort they put into showing us how much they love us. Some presents might be unwanted, but you know they have their heart in the right place.

Check out the gifts these sweet dogs brought their humans.

1. “My friend’s dog brings me a sock every time I go over to his house.”

2. “My dog brought me some dirt today.”

3. “Out camping a few weekends back and while setting up the tent, I look over at my girlfriend’s dog and see this.”

4. “My dog, Aspen always grabs things out of the pantry and brings them to us with this face.”

5. “My dog always brings back a souvenir from his walks…”

6. “My friend works at a dog grooming spa, she turned around and saw this happening….”

7. “Been sick all weekend, my dog brings me her toys to keep me company.”

8. “My dog always brings me a pillow when I get home.”

9. “My dog brings me things out of my toolbox randomly hoping it’ll be something I need. Sometimes, it works.”

10. “My dog insisted that this was the stick we were going to play fetch with.”

11. “OH DEER! You know you live in the country when the dog brings these home.”

12. “He’s not the only one. “When your dog brings you something you say “thanks”. My 14 year old mini schnauzer brought me a partial deer leg tonight.”

13. “My brother’s dog brings you a slipper when you come home. Just one.”

14. That time the dog brought home 10 pounds of marijuana.

15. “Girlfriend’s dog gets so excited when we come home, he carries shoes around and cries.”

16. This dog disappeared for two days and came back home with a kitten.

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