Dogs Take Care Of Their Anxious Sibling Whenever Panic Sets In

A Reddit user recently shared an uplifting video of his two dogs providing comfort to their anxious dog brother. In the footage, a Shih Tzu named Huxley and a white, deaf dog named Winnie are seen comforting their larger sibling, Rex, a mix of English/French Mastiff, who has experienced severe anxiety due to a traumatic past and abusive previous owners. Rex’s current owner, Ross, who is actually his fourth, rescued him at 1.5 years old after Rex endured harsh treatment, including being beaten and shocked by his second owners, leading to a deep-seated fear of loud noises, brooms, and more. These past traumas even prompted consideration of euthanasia due to misinterpreted “aggressive behavior.”

Rex’s anxiety and resource guarding made it difficult for him to adjust to a third family, ultimately bringing him to his current home. Ross has dedicated the past 2.5 years to helping Rex recover, noting significant progress in his behavior.

Now, Rex can peacefully coexist with both his canine and human siblings. “With anxiety, the dog generally wants nothing to do with whatever it’s scared of, and will try to get out of that situation as quickly as it can,” Ross explained to Newsweek. “He was my first dog post-divorce, when I was single, so we kind of helped each other a lot.”

The video reveals how Huxley and Winnie instinctively support Rex during his anxious moments by offering kisses. The relationship between the dogs is deeply interconnected. Huxley is fearless and content within the family, whereas Winnie, who is deaf, depends significantly on Rex. She follows him closely, and Rex has adapted to her needs, assisting her in navigating their environment despite his own challenges.

The bond among Rex, Winnie, and Huxley has significantly aided Rex’s rehabilitation, capturing the affection of thousands online, with nearly 21K upvotes on Reddit. One user expressed, “I can’t tell you how much this information sparks joy in me. Winnie, Rex, and Huxley are some of my current favorite people. Oh, and you’re pretty awesome, too, for giving these wonderful dogs a happy home.”

It’s heartening to see Rex thrive in a loving environment with supportive canine siblings and an owner who values the unique qualities of each dog. “I’ve always said I’m really lucky to have such a cool dog,” Ross remarked, celebrating the positive impact Rex and his siblings have on each other and their human family. Click play on the video below to experience the doggy siblings comforting their brother.

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