Dogs Take In And ‘Adopt’ A Little One Who Was Down On His Luck

Almost too frail to be picked up, Salvador was just skin and bones when found. Rescuers gave the starving stray some food and carefully grabbed him after wrapping him with a sheet. He was nervous in a car for the first time, but it almost seemed as if he understood they were there to help

Salvador was taken in and given a haircut and a bath. He was very gentle and obedient although a bit skeptical still at times. But when he met his dog siblings, that would really help him. The dogs took to Salvador and were able to help comfort him whenever they could sense he was stressed or upset.

He’s still recovering one day at a time on the road back to good health, and no better way than to be surrounded by the love and support of his new mom and family. Salvador has completely transformed and looks like a different dog now! Wait until you see. 🙂

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