These Dogs Doing What it Takes to Keep Cool Are Pure Summer Inspiration

When it’s hot, these dogs know how to get relief and they don’t care about the rules! Fountains, troughs, and buckets of shaved ice: whatever it takes to get the job done, these dogs are doing it.

Sure, some pool filters will get clogged along the way, but why do we even have filters if it isn’t for just these kinds of hot weather emergencies?

Looks perfect to me

It’s cooler at the bottom

Perfectly happy husky

Real life slush puppy

He's living his dream life right thereCredit: ViralHog

Posted by VT on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Boxer sprinkler time-lapse

Ruby loving herself sick #sprinklerdog #boxerdog

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Last one in’s a rotten egg!

Pool Party!

Come on little guy, you can make it.

Now that looks like fun

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