Dogs Are Thrilled To See Their Dad…Until It’s Time To Fess Up!

Do you ever wonder if your dogs know what you are saying to them?? We know for sure that they understand words like “outside” or “walk,” but what about those times when our dogs have committed a serious no-no and you’ve caught them redhanded?? Well, it’s moments like these that let us know just how smart our dogs are.

Missy and Laydie are two lucky Pit Bull pups, because their dog dad, Etienne, loves them oh-so-much. You can see when he walks in the door just how excited they are to greet him. That is, until it’s time for him to get the dirt: Which one of them messed up daddy’s pants?

Think dogs aren’t capable of feeling emotion? Well, the guilt written all over their faces is a dead giveaway that they feel totally terrible about being bad little girls while Daddy was away. Just watch and see, these guilty dogs are hilarious when Dad cuts to the chase!

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