Dogs Who Turned Around For A Second Only To Lose Their Beds To The Cat

These cats just stole the doggie beds, and the dogs have no idea how to handle the situation. Cats will always get what they want and are not afraid to use their bullying skills to get it! What do you think: are the dogs scared of the cats or just way too nice to do anything about it? 😉

Okay, just this one time!

Life is totally unfair sometimes…

Someone wanna help me out here?

He has to move sometime…

The cat sure looks comfy…

How did this happen?

Since when does the cat like the fireplace?

Fine! I’ll block the entrance to your bed.

I like the chair better anyway!

I’ll just sleep over here.

I guess this works…

Is he still looking at me?

Is this allowed??

I thought this was my bed…

But that’s my spot by the window…

Are you just going to let this continue?

I do not like this trade…

This is not right.

This is totally unfair.

What is this?

When strength in numbers doesn’t work out…

Ummm… help!

This is fine.

How long is this going to last?

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