Dogs Who Are Too Smart And Adorable For Their Own Good

We love our dogs, but sometimes they’re just too smart for their own good. And we can’t help but be impressed by their adorable shenanigans! They just always have a way to make things interesting, don’t they? 😀

He knows, and he’s not happy! 😛

Using a powerful sense of smell to help map the world.

This dog who knows the importance of stretching out.

This artsy pup!

Just a dog who believes in a good education…

Taking a picture of me??

She knows exactly where she is…

This thoughtful pup…

He can pick up anything! 😀

All buckled up!

What good’s a tortilla chip without salsa??

Enjoying the view. 😉

Someone needs a word…

Her favorite birthday yet!

When ya gotta sleep, ya gotta sleep!

Such good manners!

All of this is my area!

He just wanted to explore. 😉

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