Dogs Who Couldn’t Be Happier To See Their Humans

It’s just one of the many reasons we love them; every time we walk through that door, our pups are there ready to greet us with the biggest smiles. Their tails wag and their entire bodies shake as they welcome us home! Man’s Best Friend, indeed. 🙂

Making work a little more tolerable for your human.

Shopping with my human? The best!

Going home. 🙂

Vacationing with your human.

“Someone was excited for me to come home from college!”

You’ve gotta try it, human. It’s so fun!

Human, will you buy them all?

“Saw my dog for the first time in months. I think he was happy to see me.”

“Took this picture of my dog when I arrived home today, she was pretty happy to see me :)”

“My puppy was happy to see me when I got home”

“Puppies happy to see us come home! Feels nice to be loved.”

“So happy to see you” 🙂

You’ve come for me!!

“I think my girlfriend’s dogs were happy to see me”

Hello there, human!

Cooper is one happy boy! 🙂

When you arrive at the beach with your human.

“I’m so happy you’re home! I missed you!”

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