Dogstagram? New Wearable Tech Enables Dogs to Post to Social Media

For those whose dogs like to make both fashion statements and those of the social-media variety, we submit to you The Posting Tail, created by Pedigree España and Satchi & Satchi Madrid.

And its name, in case you were wondering, is quite literal.

More than just a sporty looking vest, it’s actually a piece of wearable tech. A built-in sensor detects your dog’s tail wags, but doesn’t stop there. A Raspberry processor inside has matching learning capabilities, and is able to distinguish “happy” wags from other kinds – and that’s what sets off the camera, snapping photos each time the dog sees something it likes.

Photos are automatically updated to the animal’s social media account.

Over time, you’ll learn which things – toys, people, food and more – are your pet’s favorites. And a built-in GPS can track favorite places, as well.

If you think you know your dog now, just think of the understanding you’ll have afterwards.

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