Don’t fear Lobito – tough exterior masks his tender, frightened heart

A young German shepherd is desperately in need of help…two-year-old Lobita may have a tough exterior, but he is just a scared boy inside. The beautiful boy appears to have had a rough life – his ears are notched and his eyes goopy. Most apparent is the sadness on his face – is there no one to love him?

Advocate speaks on Lobito’s behalf

The following information has been posted about this shepherd, who has been deemed “rescue only” because of his fear:

He is not offensive. He is a fearful shepherd that needs a rescue to help socialize him and be a match maker to help him find a forever home. And set him up for success.
Judging by Lobitos ears I am guessing he was a backyard dog that never got past his back yard.
He such a beautiful GSD just imagine him, all groomed, and loved on. To bad he didnt get that in the first part of his life…….but maybe now he can. We need to find an Adoption Partner !!!

Helping Lobito

Lobito has been held at the Downey Animal Control agency in California for nearly a month. The shelter is overflowing with shepherds – would anyone consider this sad boy, who is obviously confused and terrified? Lobito needs networking help if he is to survive. YOU can help by sharing this article – somewhere out there is a rescue agency who can take him in. Please remember, you can not only help by sharing articles, you can offer to open your home to foster a dog (this allows rescue groups to save more homeless pets!).

Petharbor link for Lobito here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898
Ask for information about animal ID number A5104744

Image via Desi Lara FB page

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