Doritos Super Bowl Ad Reunites A Puppy With His Puppy Dad! (Adorably Funny Ending!)

We saw the Budweiser puppy ad, and we’ve also seen the horrible GoDaddy puppy ad that they pulled. And with all the puppy commercials and dads commercials coming out, Doritos decided to make their own Super Bowl puppy and dad commercial. The ending is quite unexpected though.

It may not be father’s day yet, but this commercial features a puppy and his dad. Doritos will show you the reuniting of the puppy and his dad, in hopes of pulling the heartstrings of the viewers. The commercial starts out with the dad sitting and then he gets up and starts pushing a ball with his nose. He pushes the ball to the other room where his puppy is waiting. What do you think will happen when they see each other? Watch the video below and see how this ends!
LOL! Did you expect that ending? Turns out this commercial is not as heartwarming as I thought it would be! Nevertheless it’s still cute, right?

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