Downward Dog: Service Dog Sweetly Interrupts Yoga Routine

When Jenny D’Agostino tried to have a relaxing yoga session at her home in Round Lake, Illinois, service dog Quinn thought it was playtime. As D’Agostino moved through the yoga positions, Quinn sweetly did all she could to engage her owner by sniffing her face, crawling beneath her and playfully pawing her body. D’Agostino’s other two dogs joined ‘playtime’ too, engaging in a game of tug-of-war right on the yoga mat. Quinn joined the family as a service dog after D’Agostino’s daughter Taylor was injured in a horse-riding accident in 2016 and became paralyzed. D’Agostino told Storyful, “Quinn has been an amazing addition to our family… We just love her.” Credit: Jenny D’Agostino via Storyful

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