Drug Addicted Dog In Afghanistan Gets A Second Chance At Life

This wonderful dog hasn’t had much luck in life, she lived on the streets as a stray dog, alone and abandoned, until a rescue team came along and gave her a second chance at life. Take a look at how she recovered and how wonderful she looks today!

Nesha is an eight-month-old dog that was addicted to drugs because she lived in Kabul, Afghanistan where there were many drug addicts. Nesha’s owner would give her drugs three times a day, if missed she would start shaking and would bang her head against the wall.

Nowzad charity is rescuing stray and abandoned animals in Afghanistan. When they saw news coverage on this dog on the local media they immediately took action and went to rescue her.

It is so unfortunate how many stray dogs suffer and live a nasty street life, but thanks to the noble charities, they will eventually all be nurtured and rescued to safety.

With great difficulties they finally convinced the owner and brought the dog to the Nowzad clinic where their capable team of local Afghan vets treated Nasha until she fully recovered from her addition.

Nowzad charity is interested in your generous donations which will help them save many more dogs just like Nesha.

Please support Nowzad because your donations can make a difference, thank you.

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