Dumped & Brokenhearted, Dog Scoured The Sea Looking For His Owner

When a dog, later named Ocean, was abandoned on a beach, the local community came together to help him find a new home. The heartwarming story of Ocean’s rescue and eventual adoption is a testament to the power of community support and the resilience of animals.

Ocean was first spotted by a woman named Jessie, who noticed the dog’s determination to find his owner. Each day, Ocean would be in the water, scanning the sea for any sign of his human. Jessie was moved by the dog’s plight and decided to take action. She posted about Ocean on community Facebook pages, and soon, many people wanted to help.

The community determined that Ocean had been abandoned and began to drop off food and water for him. However, the dog was scared of people and proved difficult to catch. Jessie visited the beach multiple times a day, trying to find and catch Ocean. After 15 days, the dog disappeared for nearly three weeks, causing concern for his well-being.

Jessie set up three cameras in different areas with food to try and locate Ocean. When the dog finally reappeared, everyone was relieved, although he had lost a significant amount of weight. With Easter approaching, Jessie knew they had one more chance to catch Ocean before the beach became too crowded.

One morning, Jessie hid in the bushes and managed to lure Ocean closer with some chicken. The starving dog eventually sat on her lap, allowing her to put a leash on him. Ocean was brought home with Jessie, where he quickly adapted to being around people again.

Despite his traumatic experience, Ocean still trusted humans and began to learn how to be a dog. Within the first week, he had learned to sit, stay, lie down, and roll over. However, due to a housing crisis, Jessie and her family were soon to move into a smaller home where they couldn’t take Ocean.

Jessie put the word out that Ocean needed a new home, and a woman responded, offering to adopt him. Although it was heartbreaking for Jessie to say goodbye, she knew that Ocean would be well-loved and cared for in his new home. The adoptive owner now sends photos of Ocean, who is thriving and enjoying life.

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