Dumped? She was looking for a friend and now she is hoping to make it out alive

Dumped? Abandoned? Turned away from her home? Nobody knows this young dog’s history, but not long ago she was found running in the middle of the road in Lancaster, California. The person who found her recounts what happened:

My husband and I like to take drives and explore our new location. While driving along Ave I (West) this female pit bull was running towards us in the middle of the road. We slowed down and came to a halt to avoid hitting her. We looked around and couldn’t see her, so my husband went down to check to see that she wasn’t in front of the truck. She went to him with a smile from ear to ear and her butt kept wagging like it was a dance off.

The stray dog hopped into the good Samaritans’ vehicle like it was her own…likely searching for a friend. Unfortunately, the couple who found her was unable to keep her because they rent and their landlord will not allow her.

What happens next?

After searching the area for the dog’s owner, and asking friends and family if they could take the stray in…the couple was forced to take her to the animal control agency. The dog’s finder wrote:

We had to surrender her to the LA Animal Care and Control Lancaster, CA. Please help me find her a home. She has been there since October 20th. Her days are numbered.


PLEASE help this sweetheart…I visit her at the shelter and the smile she once had when we found her is no longer there. We feel awful we couldn’t keep her.

Saving this sweet girl

The dog, dubbed Lilac, is quickly running out of time – and judging by her demeanor, she has already lost hope of being saved. You can help her by taking a moment to share this article with her adoption information. Please help Lilac avoid becoming a sad statistic – she is young (estimated to be just a year) and deserves to live.

Shelter bio here.

Kennel #L439

Intake Date October 20, 2018

ID A5229566

Lancaster Animal Care Center
5210 West Avenue I, Lancaster, CA 93536
(661) 940-4191


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