He Was Dumped In The Streets Like He Was Trash, But Rescuers Did Everything They Could To Save Him

Someone dumped a dog in the middle of nowhere like he was useless trash. The dog was left all alone to fend for himself, and had no one to care for him or keep him company.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan spotted him and called up Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, for help. The person stayed with the dog for more than two hours while waiting for the volunteers to get there.

Once rescuers arrived, they tried to get near the dog but he bolted off. Although the dog was big, they realized that he was afraid of men. So the female volunteer, named Loreta, was the one who had to approach him. This was their best shot at getting ahold of him.

The temperature that day was 107 degrees, and the weeks prior weren’t any cooler. This poor dog had been living in that heat for weeks without regular access to food or water. He wouldn’t have survived much longer out there on his own.

Loreta sat on the grass and patiently waited for the dog to come closer. She stayed very still and wanted him to realize that she wasn’t going to hurt him, and that she was just there to help. Loreta finally got close enough to get the snare leash around him, but as soon as he felt it, he began to run and literally drag Loreta around on the ground. The dog weighed nearly 110 pounds, so he was extremely strong.

But Loreta kept a tight hold on the leash while the dog was trying to get away. Finally, he calmed down and let Loreta pet him. The Good Samaritan who made the call said the dog had been in the area for around two months. Thankfully now he was finally safe and in good hands.

They named the dog Gershwin and brought him back to their car. He was so eager to leave this situation that he jumped right into their car without hesitation. He finally understood that these people were here to help him.

They brought him back to their clinic and the first thing they did was give him a nice soothing bath. Poor Gershwin was so dehydrated from being in the heat for so long. On top of that, he also had a nasty infection in his shoulder. The vets treated accordingly, and thankfully he healed up great!

Now Gershwin is healthy and happy but he is still waiting for a forever home. He’s a gentle giant who is searching for a family to smother him with love, and of course he has so much love to give in return! If you’re interested in opening up your heart to this sweet boy, please visit www.LaAnimalRescue.org.

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