Dying Dog Finally Gets His Wish!

Poor, sweet dog finally gets his last wish at the end of his life – to be loved and cared for in the warmth of a loving home.  This video is so sad, I cried.  I have seen so many of these stories about dogs being hurt and then rescued and loved, but this story is hard because it is too late for Ol Boy.

This dog had been born on the streets and had never known what it was like to lie before a fire in a warm home.  He had never known the gentle pat of a human.  Or the feeling of love and being loved.  He was found on the streets howling in pain for days before someone came to his side.  His rescuers named him Ol Boy.

Ol Boy was unable to walk because he was so weak and malnourished.  His only source of water was from dripping air conditioners.  His meals were scraps dropped by neighboring shopkeepers.  He had no shelter from the elements.  His body was covered in ticks and sores that had become infected.  He was found lying in his own excrement close to death.

Kind, caring rescuers wrapped him in a blanket and brought him to a veterinarian who found so many health issues, they knew it would be nearly impossible to save his life.  Ol Biy was suffering from tick fever caused by the 100’s of ticks on him.  The ticks had sucked most of his hemoglobin to dangerously low levels.  Besides being severely malnourished, the vet suspected he had cancer as well.  After bathing him and ridding him of his ticks, Ol Boy had blood transfusions and antibiotics.

But it was all too late, Ol Boy was dying, but he had one more wish; not to be put down in a crate, but to die naturally in a warm loving home.  So his rescuers granted Ol Boy his wish and took him home.

Too weak to stand, Ol Boys’ caregivers fed him water and food by hand.   They sit vigil by his side all day and night.  They kept him clean and warm.  They spoke to him softly and pet him affectionately. The other dogs in the home knew this dog was there to seek peace and stayed with him calmly.

But finally late one night, he took his last sip of water and passed on.

Ol Boy was lovingly wrapped in blankets and covered in rose petals. After his cremation, the kind people who had granted his last wish, scattered his ashes on a beautiful open field near the ocean. Now his spirit could run free and was never in pain again.

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  1. AliciA

    God Bless these beautiful souls. Ol Boy truly appreciated all you did to make his final days loving. May you have happiness the rest of your life.

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