Dying Dog Goes Bonkers Over His Final Birthday Present

When Wallace was diagnosed with cancer, his family knew he didn’t have much time left. For his 11th birthday, he was given a cake and a huge box full of presents. See his reaction – he gets so many stuffies to destroy, he just can’t even!


This comes from the caption on YouTube:

After diagnosis with hemangiosarcoma, Wallace was given 2 weeks to 3 months without chemo. Here Wallace is celebrating his 11th birthday 7 months post diagnosis chemo free! These were all toys mailed to Wallace by people around the country who loved him.

To help us help other dogs in need, Wallace’s book can be purchased here – www.wallacethepitbull.com. This true story, written by Jim Gorant, takes you on Wallace’s journey from unwanted shelter dog to Champion Frisbee Dog! Wallace passed away a year after diagnosis on 8/23/2013. Long Live Wallace the Pit Bull!

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