Dying Man Gets A Visit From His Beloved Dog

The bond between a dog and its owner is simply beautiful. It never gets old seeing that genuine friendship and love overcome even the worst of circumstances.

When a man named James Wathern was admitted to the hospital after his health declined rapidly, the compassionate staff, deciding to ignore the facility’s no-pets policy, did some research to track down their patient’s beloved dog, an elderly Chihuahua named Bubba.

The generous people at the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter ultimately coordinated the reunion, and it was clearly an emotional moment for everyone involved.

Bubba excitedly climbed on top of his owner, tail wagging away, and James’ face immediately lit up. It’s so clear that both missed each other dearly. Such a beautiful moment to witness.

Such a sweet, sincere friendship between those two! What’s even better than the amazing moment they shared in the clip is the fact that the pair is reportedly doing great – both are eating regularly and steadily improving. Friendship and love can sometimes be the best medicine.

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