Dying Woman Holds Him Close In One Of The Most Special Moments Of This Therapy Dog’s Life

It can never be stated enough: dogs are incredible. We consider them family rather than pets because the things they contribute to our lives are just off the charts. We are forever in debt to them for their loyalty and everlasting companionship. And when people need them the most, dogs always seem to be right there. Especially when it comes to a therapy dog such as Baxter.

Baxter was such a special dog and continues to be an inspiration to all. He dedicated his entire life to helping others feel as comfortable as possible during their toughest moments. At 19-and-a-half years old, Baxter was finally laid to rest after a selfless life serving people in need. But he will never be forgotten. And one of the most special moments of his life was captured on video for all to see. You’re going to want to grab the tissues for this one.

In the video below, Baxter visits an elderly lady at the end of her life. As she lies there on her deathbed, Baxter brings her so much joy and even seems to add something to her life for the time being. The patient passed away later that night, but Baxter provided some happiness to the family as they gathered for one last moment together.

Rest in peace, Baxter. Your legacy will live on forever. You truly were man’s best friend.

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