Educational Trip Turns into Rescue Mission

Last month, volunteers from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Arlington, Va., traveled to Puerto Rico to meet with local animal rescuers they partner with to learn more about the dogs they help get off the streets and into loving homes. On a routine stop to check on a few strays the volunteers spotted a stray mom who had given birth to puppies not more than a week before. Their educational trip became an active rescue mission.


Rescuers saved the mom and six puppies they found living in the bushes. Statistically, only one puppy per little born on the streets survives to adulthood, but thanks to Lucky Dog Animal Rescue all puppies will get a chance to grow old in a loving home.

The stray mom and her six babies were rescued off the streets and the following day a seventh puppy was found. All dogs are being cared for and when ready, they will be flown to the mainland for their happily ever after in loving forever homes.

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