Elderly Blind And Deaf Jack Russell Terrier Missing For Two Weeks Is Found Safe

As our pets get older, it’s wise to keep a closer eye on them. They’re not as nimble as they used to be, and sometimes suffer from disabilities that come with advanced age.

Heidi is a 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier. She’s also blind and deaf, and she needs constant attention. Her loving owner, Mike, says that she’s very feeble. So when she disappeared on a walk one day, he was convinced that she was as good as dead.

He takes her on daily walks on a trail, where he takes her leash off to let her wander and sniff around. He keeps a close eye on her, even if he knows that she wouldn’t get very far. But somehow this time, she managed to slip away from him, and into the shrubbery of the hillside. Mike says that it only took three minutes for her to disappear, and after he searched for days with no result, he knew she was dead.

But 14 days after her disappearance, Mike received a phone call that he says nearly “gave him a heart attack.” Some crews were working on the highway when they found the pup — miraculously alive — where they were supposed to dig, a full mile away from where Mike had lost her. The elderly and disabled dog survived those 14 days with no food or water, and even a big storm in the area.

Now she’s happily reunited with her owner — and hopefully she won’t get lost again!

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