Elderly Couple Adopts Senior Dog Who Survived Hurricane Katrina

We all remember the devestation caused by Hurricane Katrina over a decade ago. Many people and animals lost their homes and their families, including a sweet Pit Bull mix named Mouse. She has been waiting to find her forever home all these years…

Until now.


On a recent episode of Pit Bulls and Parolees (a show about the Villalobos Rescue Center, a hybrid rehabilitation shelter that rescues Pit Bulls and provides a work program for parolees), Mouse was brought into the home of an elderly couple, and they are absolutely beside themselves with joy to begin sharing their lives with this friendly rescue pup.


And for Mouse, the long-awaited union is well deserved. Over ten years ago, the Pittie mix was found amidst the tragic aftermath of Katrina. She was holed up in an attic, though it wasn’t that of her owners; rescuers figured that she must have floated in through a window, when the flood waters were at their highest. Once the floods receded, she stayed in the space for shelter–for three weeks. It is a mystery as to how she survived that long without food or clean water.

But somehow, Mouse had an unshakable will to live. And good things come to those who wait–years later, she has finally found a home!


As you can tell from the video, there’s no doubt that Mouse has been paired with the perfect humans to love and care for her forever. The best part about this story is plain to see: as ecstatic as Mouse is to be rescued by this loving family, her new parents are just as thrilled to be rescued by her.

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