Elderly Dog Dumped Outside A Shelter Is Living Out Her Golden Days In Peace

Caring for a senior dog is no easy feat. They often have medical issues that make their care expensive and time-consuming, and some lose their teeth or mobility and require special food and accommodations.

Senior pup care is something every dog owner should think about when adopting a puppy or young dog, but it’s often overlooked. As a result, a lot of elderly dogs are dumped at shelters when things get tough and it can be hard for them to find a new home.

After all, most people gravitate towards younger dogs and puppies. But for some people, senior dogs are the reason they adopt. They want to give pups in their golden years the best lives possible and it’s an incredibly noble and sweet thing to do.

When Adrian and her partner saw 14-year-old Emma on their local shelter groups, they knew they needed to foster her. Adrian is an avid foster parent and dog rescue mom, but she specializes in seniors who are down on their luck. Emma fit the bill perfectly.

The 4.5-pound pooch was found outside the shelter in a crate with fuzzy blankets and some toys. It seemed her owners cared for her to some extent. After all, they could’ve dumped her in the woods or on the street with nothing. But instead, they took the effort to leave her at a place they knew she could get help and they made sure her crate was equipped with bedding to keep her warm and some toys for entertainment and comfort.


However, despite the signs that her owners cared a least a little bit, Emma was in pretty bad shape. As her new owners shared on Instagram, she was covered in matted fur and dreadlocks, her teeth were painful and rotten, and she had an untreated thyroid condition that required immediate medication.

Understandably, Emma was pretty weak and unsure about her new situation. But with a little medical care and TLC, she soon seemed at peace with life. Adrian turned out to be the perfect foster mom for her. In fact, Emma fit so well into the family that Adrian and her partner decided to adopt her!

In an interview with GeoBeats Animals, they said, “We are just completely infatuated with her.”

Now, little Emma follows her new owners wherever they go. They call her a “velcro dog” because she’s always attached to them. She gets proper food and medication for her age and medical needs, and she’s living her best life.

Check out the video below:

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