Elderly Stray Dog Receives Wheelchair For Paralyzed Legs And Can Finally Move Again

Keebler is an elderly Dachshund who was found abandoned on the side of the road. Keebler is thirteen years old and he couldn’t use his rear legs. In the hopes that his owner might come and claim him, Keebler was brought to the local animal shelter. But no one ever came.

The human society was considering the option of euthanizing him because there wasn’t anything they could do for the poor senior dog. But just like an angel sent from above, a kindhearted man stepped in and saved Keebler. Mark Robinson, president of Handicappedpets.com, heard of Keebler’s story. Handicappedpets.com provides products, services, and support to pets with special needs. Mr. Robinson gave Keebler the wheelchair and the gear that he needed to get him up and running! Watch the heartwarming video below!

Keeble will have his eye surgery soon. His GoFundme page has reached over $3400. That’s so much more than their $2500 goal!

A big thank you to Mr. Mark Robinson and to all those who donated and helped Keebler with his recovery! We hope Keebler will find the perfect, loving home that he deserve!

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