Elephant Gets Cake From Volunteers For Her 9th Birthday, Happily Shares It With Her Friends

The Save Elephant Foundation is a Thai non-profit organization dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population. Here at Elephant Nature Park, the volunteers share incredible bonds with the elephants under their care, and you’re about to get a taste of that in the video below. 🙂

Faamai just turned nine years old, and to celebrate, the staff whipped up a birthday cake appropriate for an elephant. She immediately starts digging in as volunteers sing “Happy Birthday.”

When the song is finished, Faamai entertains the crowd by stepping in the very cake she’s eating from. Silly girl! That’s not going to stop her celebration though…

That’s when all of her elephant friends catch word of the party and show up to have some cake themselves. Faamai is happy to share the treat while basking in the company of those she loves most on her special day. 🙂

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