Ellen DeGeneres Rescues Adorable New Puppy- And Wants You To Adopt Her Mom

It’s no doubt that Ellen DeGeneres is heavily involved in the world of animal welfare. Over the years she has continued to advocate for animals of all kinds, and has welcomed several rescue animals into her home.

Among her furry family is their newest addition, an adorable poodle puppy named Mrs. Wallis Browning (Wallis for short). The new parents have instantly fallen in love with the fluffy pup, and have gathered an impressive amount of pictures for only having her a week!


 “She’s so cute, I can’t even take it. She’s very adorable, pretty and precious. And she knows it.”- DeGeneres

In her excitement of welcoming Wallis into their home, she is working to spread the word on another deserving pup- Wallis’s mom, Barbie.


Like many rescue dogs, Wallis and his family have an incredibly sad past. Barbie was purchased 3 years ago, with their one and only intention being to breed her for profit. She spent her life living outdoors, giving birth to multiple litters. She and her puppies lived in a small playpen outdoors, until each puppy was old enough to be sold. This process was repeated over and over, in what I’m sure felt like endless agony to the over bred mother.

After giving birth to her last litter, which included baby Wallis, the rescue team at the Wagmor Pet Hotel intervened. Barbie and her family were finally in the caring hands of dedicated animal lovers, and were getting use to how good it felt to be loved!

The rescued mom and her pups are still learning normal dog behaviors such as playing with toys, eating from a bowl, and basic potty training. With spending their entire lives outside in a cage, they missed out on so many normal pup activities. Luckily for this previously neglected family, their futures are filled with all the puppy play time they can imagine, and endless amounts of love.

Wallis and his litter mates have since found their forever homes, but Barbie is still patiently waiting! With the help of Ellen DeGeneres spreading this loving mommas story, there’s no doubt that she will find an amazing home!

“She was used for breeding her entire life and just a year away from dying from over breeding. We are so grateful to have saved her and her family”- Wagmor


We cannot wait to see which lucky family takes Barbie home! After all, if you’ve ever wanted to be related to Ellen, this is your chance!

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