Ellen Invites A Pit Bull On TV And He Ends Up Stealing The Show And Winning Everyone Over

Indeed, at some point, every creature is a true born star!

The world of entertainment recognizes all animals as potential superstars- whether higher or lower, it doesn’t matter. This story materialized on Ellen DeGeneres television show where people had a wonderful time-out with hilarious Snorkie.

As one of the ways to keep the eventful life of the show going, she invited Tia Torres, pioneer of the ‘Villalobos Rescue Center’, and the star of the famous Pit Bulls and Parolees, over to give their speech on the topic ‘mistreat Pit Bulls’ – a platform to deliberate on the harsh treatment this breed endures in different homes.

Surprisingly, in the middle of the serious and a bit unhealthy discussion, comes a surprise guest called Snorkie. Pit Bull Snorkie, who accompanied the ‘Villalobos Rescue Center’ founder walked in to the show with the determination of winning everyone to his side by stealing the spotlight. At the time this pretty pup was brought on stage to meet Ellen, there was a huge reaction from the audience. Simultaneously, they were clapping, screaming, chorus of coos amid other body gestures because they understand Ellen’s ever-blazing love for animals.

Abruptly, both Snorkie and Ellen showed great sense of interest in each another, and beautiful pup won’t stop looking at the container of treats the talk show host was holding.

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