Emaciated and Sad, Dog Spent His Life Confined on a Roof

Owning a pet entails providing love and attention they rightfully deserve

Tales of animal compassion and care remind us of our collective ability to foster the changes we want to witness.

Fortunately, many endearing creatures have experienced dramatic life improvements due to the diligent work of animal activists, organizations, and rescue groups. Prominently, animal lovers raise their voices in solidarity with all those animals enduring mistreatment from unscrupulous individuals. This time, thanks to numerous community complaints and the support of the Colombian National Police, a rescue became possible. We bring you the story of a furry creature who managed to escape his dreadful circumstances.

Scott is an elderly Labrador who spent his entire life chained to the roof of a house in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. His plight was brought to the attention of the Una Amiga Foundation. The man, who purported to provide for Scott, instead left the poor dog to endure a life of severe hardship. Being 14 years old, he lived his whole life in deplorable conditions, leaving one to wonder about the quality of life his golden years should have offered.

“Thanks to Juan Sebastian Vidal and everyone who assisted in the rescue of this 14-year-old boy. He is now being transferred to our headquarters, where we will do our utmost to fill his life with love,” said the Foundation. Upon his arrival at the veterinary clinic, they diagnosed him. Sadly, his malnutrition is severe, necessitating a lengthy treatment before he can find a new home.

In a recent update, the Foundation stated: “Dr. Claudia Paris examined Scott at the Happy Pet Veterinary Clinic. He underwent a thorough examination, including several tests, the results of which I have included. Scott suffers from acute malnutrition, anemia, and hypoalbuminemia. All of these are consequences of a poor diet and neglect. He is now at the Foundation, where he will remain until his rehabilitation is complete.”

It’s just a matter of time before Scott fully recovers. We are optimistic that he will conquer these hurdles, and have an abundance of love and energy to share with those who wish to provide him with a better life. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who raised their voice. Pet ownership extends beyond mere possession; it requires the provision of love and unwavering attention.

Help us echo this story and continue our fight for all vulnerable animals. Let us stand as the voice for those who lack one. Please share and support our cause.

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