Emaciated blind dog found wandering along dirt road

Near McAllen, Texas, in an area where families struggle to survive, an emaciated, blind dog painfully wandered along a lonely, dirt road scrounging to survive. As starvation closed in on him, he stumbled and whimpered; he was so hungry, but he couldn’t see to even help himself.

“Is this what it’s come to; this dog truly looks like a piece of garbage,” asked Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the non profit animal welfare organization, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who stepped up to help. “He’s a living being with a soul.”

“We named him Argento, and HE IS NOT GARBAGE.”

Late Friday afternoon, Argento was rushed to Pet911 in McAllen, where he has been receiving emergency care. He is in critical condition and has received a blood transfusion; his white blood cell count is extremely high, his eyes are infected and about to rupture. He will need surgery.

(Photos of the emaciated blind dog courtesy through Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

To help save his life, donations can be made:


Updates to follow.

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