Employed Animals Who Are Doing Their Best Work

Working isn’t just for humans. The 14 animals below have jobs, and they take them very seriously. They’re doing their best work and deserve a raise! And maybe a treat or two… 😉

This rabbit officer complete with his own badge and cuffs. 😉

“Marley is an explosives detection canine at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Oh, and Marley is silly.”

Cat co-pilot and co-worker.

“My dog goes to work with me every day and my bosses gave him a Christmas bonus.”

“Gave the cat a job.” 😛

“Bat girl’s first day on the job is a big hit”

Bor is always sniffing out the bad stuff!

“Good afternoon class, today we’re going to learn what it takes to be a good boy”

“My hotel in Munich has an old boy named Jake as their mascot, his job is to welcome and be petted.”

Working at his own pace…

“Proper LAB attire required beyond this point”

“Come on, come on, we’re going to be late for work.”

“Lazy record store employee spotted snoozing on the job” 😉

“It’s his first day on the job as a seeing eye dog and he already knows he’s gonna do such a good job” 🙂

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