The Epic Instagram Saga of Hank and His Hippo BFF Will Have You ROFL

Hank’s best friend is his stuffed hippo.  They spent every minute together until a tragic incident left Hippo barely clinging to life and in need of emergency surgery.   And when the police got involved, the situation went from dire to….. well, it was never actually dire to begin with, so it just got even sillier!

Bonded pairs are seen from time to time, so staff at the Fox Valley Humane Association in Appleton, Wisconsin shelter had no problem making sure that Hank and Hippo were in a room together.  Everything seemed to be going so well, but one morning staff found Hippo nearly decapitated, with stuffing everywhere.  Did Hank really have it in him to kill his best friend?  What would have led to this shocking scenario?

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