Eva Longoria’s Beloved Dog Jinxy Dies In Her Arms

Dogs bring so much happiness and love into our lives. Saying goodbye when the time comes is the hardest thing. However, they will live on in our hearts.

Last Friday, Eva Longoria held her beloved 15-year-old dog in her arms as he passed away. She posted to Instagram, “So the day I’ve been dreading happened last night. Jinxy passed away in my arms at the vet. He had a stroke that he just couldn’t come back from.”

Jinxy enjoyed 15 years with his mother and was always at her side. He even posed alongside her for a magazine cover. “He was 15 years old (96 in dog years) and he filled those years with lots of love and laughter. He was my baby before this baby in my belly came along.”

Popeye, the French Bulldog, and Longoria are consoling each other at this difficult time. “I’m so sad but know that he’s out of his suffering. Anyone who knew me, knew Jinxy. He will be missed by many. I love you Jinxy.”

Longoria posted a collection of pictures with Jinxy along with the sad announcement. Lucky Longoria also posted about the beloved Jinxy, “You always had a way of looking into my soul, with your big brown eyes and heavy stare. I’ve long feared the day when you’d close your eyes for the last time. It breaks my heart that I didn’t say goodbye, but I know you on to see your mama through her miracle. For that, I thank you. You were her angel, here on earth, and Heaven awaits you with open arms. Rest In Peace, Jinxy.”

Other people that knew Jinxy shared their sweet memories and condolences. We are so sorry for your loss.

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