Even After Facing Abuse, This Dog Proves You Can’t Break Their Spirit

We love our dogs, and we do everything in our power to make them feel loved and wanted. Sometimes it’s hard not to spoil our dogs because they bring us joy in times of sadness, laughter when we’ve had a bad day, and simply because we are just better versions of ourself whenever they’re around.

Although we choose our pets, dogs do not have the luxury of choosing their owners. While ours may be super satisfied, there are many dogs who are mistreated and forced to live a life they don’t deserve. This ad shows exactly what that’s like from a dog’s perspective. And as we all know, dogs all just want to be loved–no matter what! Watch and see!

Although this is scripted, this is a very real scenario for thousands of dogs across the country. Each and every time that you adopt a dog from a shelter you are giving them a chance to feel loved, especially after feeling so rejected for those who have been displaced or surrender. Give yourself a big pat on the back for doing the right thing every day for your dog!

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