Ever Seen a Dog Who Enjoyed Playing Fetch THIS Much? Watch What Happens 2 Seconds In!

Dogs love to play. We all know that. First thing in the morning when we wake up, most dogs are already up and awake, ready to go outside and ready to play. They’re so eager that they’re waking us up before our alarm clocks do! Most dogs love the game of fetch! They’ll carry their favorite toy in their mouth, and give you the sweet “doggy eyes” stare till you give in and throw that toy for them to go and fetch! But not until now that I’ve watched this video have I ever seen a dog who’s so excited and jumpy to play fetch!

Everyone, meet Krypto! Krypto loves to play fetch so much that he jumps and hops when he fetches something! And he does it every time! Watch the adorable video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

See?! He’s so full of energy and so excited to fetch! He’s loving the fetching game so much that he jumps every time he fetches something! Isn’t he adorable

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