Ever Seen A Puppy Throw A Temper Tantrum Like This? I Bet You Haven’t… Whoa!

Veterinary dog videos are sometime quite fun to watch even if there is nothing special or unique in the same. The video is about a bull dog puppy and its mother. In the video you will see how the puppy reacts to its mother and speaks in response to the action that the mother makes. The name of the bulldog is Patches and the baby is Elvis. His lip is cleft and thus the sound is quite different. However, it is an interesting and enthusiastic dog and keeps people busy with its action. In the video, you are going to see how the mother and child play and how Elvis talks back.

The video runs for 3 minutes and 15 seconds and throughout the video you are going to see Elvis in action. In the video, the mother plays some tricks with the baby dog and it is more than excited to react on those actions. He is either on the carpet or just around it and the person taking the video must be enjoying his action and his excellent spirit. He has been now given away to a veterinary specialist and that person is also having great time with Elvis.

[youtube id=”wblSxfSGlKg”]

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