Every day, this dog walks 4 blocks on his own just to see his senior friend

Tommy and his family lived in Illinois until 2015 when they moved to upstate New York. Tommy left behind lots of dog friends in his old neighborhood, but it wouldn’t be long until he met Jackson.

Tommy was missing all of his old friends, but about a week after moving into their new home, a shaggy dog showed up inside the house.

The youngest boy called his mom and told her about the strange dog in their home. He was friendly, and Tommy was giving him a tour of the house.

They saw the collar under the dog’s fur and discovered that Jackson lived right down the street. His family was embarrassed that he made his way into someone else’s home but weren’t surprised as he’s such a friendly dog.

That wouldn’t be the last time Jackson would visit Tommy — now he comes over almost every day! He walks the four blocks by himself and lets himself in if the garage door is open.

If the garage door isn’t open, Jackson will bark at the front door or head out back where Tommy is let out. With Jackson being five years old and Tommy 16, the senior dog is starting to show his age compared to his younger friend. But Jackson slows down and allows Tommy to keep pace.

With Tommy getting older, Jackson’s visits are now more to check on his friend rather than play. He’ll see if Tommy has leftover food, follow him around the house, and just hang out for a bit. Tommy is slowing down, but Jackson just wants to make sure he’s okay.

Tommy’s friendship with Jackson seems to be what’s keeping him going after all these years. He’s had some health issues as of late, and the vet is amazed that he’s still here.

It’ll be a sad day when Jackson stops over and his friend is no longer with us. But until then, their loving friendship will go on.

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