Every Day, They Do This. But What She Says About The Dog On The Right? Wow!

Unconditional Stories presents Walt and Judy. It is one of those beautiful stories when you just want to hear and hear. I say that because my heart melts every-time I hear a story like this one. What you are about to see in this video is the incredible bond between this senior woman, and her senior dog. They have been together for ten years now, and Judy says that wherever she is, is where Walt wants to be. How sweet is that you guys?

The whole story starts when Judy tells us how she got her Walter, the Great Dane dog when he was just two months old. Everyone calls him Walk, and ever since Judy got Walt, these two are never seen separated. Not for a short minute either. The bond they have created during these years have become inseparable, and this woman says that he is her best bud. I can totally understand that. To me looks like she lives only with her dog, and when you have no one else around, your dogs become the most important part of your life.

I really appreciate the life she has with Walt and the other dog. Judy confesses that their routine is to go for a one-hour walk everyday, an then just enjoy the rest of the day as it comes. She says that Walk is a really educated dog, and he is able to bring smiles on people’s face every time he is around. I truly love the fact that Walt is really “obsessed” with Judy, and that he wants to be wherever she is. You will see the video below for more detailed information, and more interesting facts of the great story between these two best buddies. I can assure you that you will get truly inspired fro Judy, and you will want to spend your senior years with a loyal dog, who will always love you, no mater what!

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