Every Year, This Dog Owner Does Something So Adorable For His Pup’s Birthday

There are those out there who might judge dog mommies and daddies for treating their fur babies as if they were their, y’know, actual children. But those people are clearly lacking a fundamental part of their hearts, because, duh, dogs are just the best.

This handsome fella’s humans know exactly how to treat their great dane with all the love and occasional spoiling the big guy deserves. Every year on his birthday, no matter what, they take a break from their own lives to spend the whole day pampering their pooch with adventures, good eats, and a nice snoozefest.

His name is Duke, and if you’re like me, you’re probably already in love with him.


The day starts at the park, where Duke enjoys running around, sniffing all the wonderful smells.


He also takes the opportunity to catch up with all his little buddies.


Ah, nothing like the feel of fresh air (and bugs) in your gums on the way back from the park!


Up next: his very own birthday “cake,” cooked to medium rare perfection.


He’s patient, but something tells me he’s ready for the birthday song to be over before it starts.


Make a wish and dig in, Duke!


After all that awesome packed into one day, a nap is definitely necessary.


And then they count down the days until the next birthday extravaganza!


I have a feeling the rest of the year is still pretty special when it comes to living with this cutie. Maybe next year we can all get an invite to the party? We’d be more than happy to provide plenty of presents!

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