Everyone got surprised when they got there to rescue a dog family

By now, you must have been aware of Animal Aid Unlimited which is an Indian organization dedicated to help the animals as much as they can. This time, they are here with the story of a momma dog who was excessively bleeding because she had a wound on her leg. Something terrible must have happened that forced her to hide along with her puppies in a den. These good Samaritans and AAU got there and provided treatment for her and also went on to clean her home.

It was clear that the mother dog was in pain but even in that condition, she took care of the kids and kept playing with them. It took just two weeks for mother dog to get better and it was time for her to go home. Workers at AAU cleaned her home and gave her food before she could leave. Mother dog was extremely happy by the help she got from these guys which saved her life.

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