Everyone Ignored This Scared Shelter Dog Until He Showed Up

Shelters are scary. They are busy places full of different smells, a lot of barking dogs, and strange people. One shelter dog just sat in her kennel and refused to look anyone in the eye. It was as if she just wanted to die. One man took a chance on her and took her home. He introduced her to his other rescue dog named Weezie. The man called her Noodles.

Happily, Weezie and Noodles bonded with each other and Noodles was completely transformed! It was a heartbreaking beginning to see Noodles cowering in the back of the kennel with herhead down. She looked like she wanted to disappear. The man helped her – took her out of the scary and noisy kennel and gave her what she needed.

A second chance to be happy! Maybe you can be a savior to a dog in need. Share away, people.

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