EVERYONE Needs To See What Happens To Our Pets When They Sit in A Hot Car For 30 Minutes…

This loving vet wanted to see first-hand what it felt like to be in a parked car with the windows cracked. What better way to explain a situation to a pet owner than having experienced it for yourself? He chose a breezy summer day and wore light clothing and opened all four windows on the car about 2 inches. The car was warm when he entered, but not unbearable. He noted that even though the windows were down a bit and he could clearly see the trees swaying in the summer breeze, but there was no air movement in the car at all. With-in a few minutes, temperatures in the car reached 100 degrees. The gentleman was in complete control. He knew what was going on. Unlike a poor defenseless pet that only knows, no one is there and he or she is trapped and it is getting very hot. He said that every part of his mind and body were telling him to get out of that car! But a little dog or an elderly dog would not have the option of getting out. Their fear would grow. They would begin to panic.

In 20 minutes the temperature was well over 100 degrees. The doctor was sweating in waves. His clothes were soaked. His body was desperately trying to cool itself. Not only can a dog not sweat, he is covered in fur. His body temperature would be dangerously high. He would be in desperate need of air and water. He would still be confused. He knows his owner loves him. But why did she desert him? Why did she leave him here to die? He tries barking and trying to find her. The extra energy that took made his situation critical.

In 30 minutes, the temperature in the car, with the windows down is between 116 and 120 degrees. The animal is covered in fur and has had no air or water for half an hour. He is weak and dehydrated. It could already be too late to recover.

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