Everyone Told Him To Leave His Dog During Hurricane Katrina And Get Out. He Refused. Look At Them Now.

Family means never leaving anyone behind. That is why we always bring our dogs when we move to another house. That is because we consider dogs not as pets, but as family members.

And that is also why Donald Harris refused to leave his dog behind when he was asked to evacuate New Orleans due to hurricane Katrina. Donald sees his dog, Theory, as his family; and he couldn’t just leave him behind. He proved his love for his dog by staying put until animal rescues arrived to give them assistance. In the video below, Donald recalls his experience with his dog during the hurricane Katrina. Watch the video below and see how these two survived the devastating storm together.

Now that’s true love. What a touching story!

If you were in Donald’s place, would you do the same thing and stay with your dog? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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