Everyone walks by amazing and smart ‘Brenda’ and we can tell her heart is broken

Brenda is one very sad pooch; this amazingly smart and sweet dog has been at the Tehama County Animal Care Center since August, and her heart is broken. Why is it that every dog around her has been adopted, yet Brenda stands in front of her shelter cage just looking out with the saddest eyes?

Do people just walk by Brenda because she’s not a fancy breed? Yes, she is just Brenda, and no one seems to show any interest in her.

why are you even looking at me, I know you’re not going to pick me, Brenda states with that knowing look in her soulful eyes.

So before you turn the page because she’s just so plain, let me tell you more about Brenda. She is mild-mannered, loving, sweet and quiet. She loves everyone and will happily sit next to you for pets and affection.

Brenda knows her basic commands; she sits, she lies down, she walks well on a leash and follows your lead. She is good with other dogs and when tested with the office cat, seemed quite indifferent. She did show an interest, however in chasing squirrels.

Brenda has been available for public adoption. She is a pit bull mixed breed about five-years of age. “She’s mellow, good with other dogs and will make a great family dog. Adopt Brenda for only $45!”

She is at the Tehama County Animal Care Center in Red Bluff, California.

1830 Walnut St.

Walk-ins welcome. Shelter hours : Monday through Friday 11pm to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 1pm to 5pm

Click here to adopt Brenda.

Check out her video:


Please share Brenda’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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